The beginning of Longhorn Era

  One good Christmas present – the most stable version of Windows Vista yet.. Build 5270.
  Chronicles of a Developer Just started When I first met Longhorn (build 4372) It was all physical for me, at first. I saw the spinning semi-transparent windows, the gradient indulgence, and the smooth video playback. I watched whatever demo movies I could find online. I didn’t make it to PDC in 2003 and 2004 , but I do believe that I got Microsoft’s message; Longhorn is going to change the computing experience as we know it today. I read the comments pertaining to the lack of performance when running Longhorn in a virtual environment and I knew the only choice for me was to buy a new pc. I wanted to experience and develop with in the operating system as effectively as possible and I knew that wouldn’t be possible without giving Longhorn its own hard drive. First Impression After the installation (Longhorn OS, Visual Studio Whidbey, THEN the Longhorn SDK), I was greeted by a new system default wallpaper. We had left famous green hills of Windows XP for the pre-harvest golden fields of wheat. I took note; the new Windows operating system was germinating. A new chunky sidebar to the right now displayed my computer time in the form of an analog clock. The clock is visually attractive and provides a first look at the visuals possible in Longhorn. The sidebar will act as a place for information that you would like to constantly monitor. Imagine the last five emails you received, stock quotes, your music play list or even the last five blog entries from that feed that you just HAVE to keep a close eye on. Blogs I am a big advocate of blogs. Microsoft’s openness through writing and reading blog entries, I believe, has lead to some valuable customer feedback. is a great place to find bloggers talking about Longhorn. In addition, a list of independent blogs should appear soon on the MSDN Longhorn Developer Center once the Longhorn blog landscape has solidified. MSDN The Longhorn Developer Center on the MSDN website has a lot of information to read through regarding the different aspects of Longhorn. The Longhorn FAQ cover a lot of the initial questions on getting started and some basic concepts. A lot of good articles are available online as well as the complete “Introduction to WinFX” book. I actually purchased the paperbound version of the book and found that it is a good primer for learning purposes, but some of the code samples do not work in the PDC Build of Longhorn.

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