Christmas Time

Chapter 1: Lombardia preivew

It was quite a while, from my last post, and in this time were a lot of things happened.

First I have enjoyed some beautiful days at end of November on sunshine in North Italy near lake Garda, was first amazing experience in Milano, Europe top town of Mode and Styling , top Life Style and night Live, combining invaluable old creations of Leonardo and with the newest artwork.


Chapter 2 : The Old new Thing and the new gadgets

That’s right, one of the people that put a big fingerprint over the Microsoft Windows platform development Raymond Chen wrote a book : go and take it , while is hot, really impressive this guy let us know the story of Windows programming in that way that was from the beginning.

After this time, we are under pressure of the biggest RTM release that Microsoft ever made till now, begin with Vista and finishing last week with Visual Studio SP1 and Exchange 2007, what we can say, great job guys, but will take a while till the amazing amount of features and technologies will be assimilated by our customers.

About Vista , what to say, first look is cool, features look is amazing but the prices for the regular users point of view is not as expected, but may be as Christmas Present an MS digital bundling with Zune player can rock. Zune is quite impressive , the only inconvenience is that will not be available in Europe so soon.

Between the lines , the VS sp1 take me almost 3 hours to install ,and surprise the VC Runtime libraries , MFC and a lot of other dependencies have changed their build to the new magic ending (8.0.50727.762), this issues will give some hours of work to the team’s that will release some updates of already rolled out tools , but for a good cause it make sense, here is the list with big number of changes of this build :

Till now one of my daily annoying issues , the well known "Updating Intellisense " that make me to have denial of services of my own working machine, now looks better, let see how will react in some new freaks configuration with multiple native –managed projects at once.

Next issues will be about MMC 3.0 , possibilities of using native calls to new MMC host and Exchange 2007 from the development side.

Chapter 3. Is Already Winter ?

Yeah right, now with some days before Christmas, here on the bottom of the Alps are 10 degrees on midday, really surprising what mother nature can reserve us, let see if the real winter will come to make our Winter Celebrations like in the cartoons stories, otherwise on the middle side of the mountains the Snow Cannons will have something to do, that we can enjoy some winter sports. Santa Claus bring me my first Snowboard , a good enough reason to expect some snow in next time.






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