Bad Vista on technology front


 First , by trying to set up my new ZUNE on an german version of Vista, and then on XP SP2

same language, i realize, that my zune software can not be installed, at least hangs on 70%. then i remeber the same issue with old good Visual studio 2003, and SP, different naming of users and groups.

Here is a small guide for adding the USERS and INTERACTIVE groups.
1. right click on my computer -> manage.
2. then click on local users and groups and click on groups.
3. right click at groups and choose "New group…"
4. type in USERS  as group name.
5. in the members field, click on the "Add…" button.
6. enter you username and click on "Check Names"
7. click OK to add that user
8. click create when you are done with adding users
Repeat the same steps for creating the INTERACTIVE user group.
I also heard it worked for some people if the installed this package:
It has been reported that in some cases (not all) it creates those groups.

 On the second hand, after installing the most wanted Vista Ultimate x64, VLK

after some days i realize,  that my vista does not activate, because is not "Genuine", hmm strange VLK version form MSDN, can be something wrong, yeah right, by acessing with " Limitted Functionality " how it’s called i can start processexplorer and windows explorer, and then Key Management Service. After this whole story on first page on msdn subscriptions appear :

 " Vista Enterprise does not ask for a product key during installation because it is configured to use Key Management Service (KMS) by default. You must change the product key to the MAK available from the product key page here by using the Change Product Key option in Control Panel. For more information please visit Windows Vista Volume Activation."

and that’s not all, I try to sync my IPAQ , and the surprise, something really new

"Vista Blue Screen" and counting memory dump. as description of the dump, well known

IRQL_ NOT_LESS_ OR_EQUAL on USB driver, even the following updates have not changed much. But are also some plus points, on installation on an machine, with SATA raid and IDE controller, where the IDE controller was correctly detected, and was first MS OS , that work with that.

Some other things, the Virtual PC 2007 is RTM, but still no guest support for x64 bit versions,

so for the test evironments, still VWare or just physicaly on test ,machines.


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