Speaking on WDF at ADC 2007


Back from Advanced Developers Conference 2007, where  I had 2 sessions regarding "Future of Driver Development using WDF" .Yeah, quite an interesting experience to speak for 150 people.


Here are the Titles and the preview content of my sessions

Introduction to Windows Driver Fundamentals, Windows Driver Model
Introduction to Windows Driver Fundamentals, Windows Driver Model, Device Objects and Device Stacks, and Kernel-Mode Driver Components , Core Driver Models and Tools. Understanding of the concepts how to design, develop, and test Windows drivers using the Windows Driver Foundation’s (WDF) and Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF). The session provides the groundwork and concepts for writing any supported type of WDF driver, its focus is providing practical experience in developing User Mode Driver Framework (UMDF) software drivers, filter drivers.
Practical details and gain hands-on experience with new tools and kits for developing Windows drivers:
• Discover how the Windows Driver Foundation frameworks can help you develop robust drivers faster
• Explore what it takes to adopt best practices for driver development, including a close look at static analysis tools: PREfast for Drivers and Static Driver Verifier (SDV)
• Examine new driver development and test technologies such as Device Simulation Framework (DSF) and Windows Device Testing Framework (WDTF)
• Learn how to automate driver installations for Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn, and how to debug driver installations

• Engineers and system designers, who want technical information about advances in hardware and Windows architecture
• Driver developers and testers, who want technical information about Windows Driver Foundation(WDF), Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF), other driver stack architectures and tools for development, testing and deployment
• Business decision makers and product planners, who want to learn about technology roadmap’s, strategic plans and best practices to support their company’s hardware development strategy

Device-Driver-Development – Writing WDF Drivers for Microsoft Windows (with Lab – Sample Printer-Drivers)
A review of the general Printing Architecture of the Windows operating system, including the organization of the Executive. Core Printer Driver Improvements for Vista and Longhorn – Understand what’s new in Unidrv and PScript5, the Windows Vista and codename "Longhorn" core drivers, how to take advantage of the new enhancements in the core drivers, and how the core drivers and plug-ins interact with existing Windows operating systems. Driver Installation In this section we discuss how to create installation control files for WDM and standard kernel mode device drivers. The Ten Most Frequently Used .INF File Sections are discussed in detail. Tips for creating dual mode .inf files.
• Details On the Longhorn Spool File Format,
• Testing and Tools For Print and Imaging Drivers,
• Printer Driver Setup and 64-bit Implications
Lab Session: Building and Debugging – Driver Debugging Basics , Static Analysis and Verification of Drivers, Static Analysis Tools: PREfast for Drivers Creating . inf Files & Utilities.
Building and Debugging Kernel Mode Drivers This section describes how WDM drivers are built using the DDK and debugged using WinDbg. The differences between the free and checked builds of Windows – and when to use each – is discussed. How to use Windows Driver Verifier to test your driver is explained.

and some impressions  

with Dariusz Parys, Evangelist in Developer Platform & Strategy Group of Microsoft Deutschland.

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