Year 2007 – Technology & Personal Review


Is true once that the year is passing away faster and faster , I get used (maybe influenced from the corporate world) to make an 12 months  personal and professional review of  activity and not last time some plans for the new coming year.


here are more highlights then in the personal area, while as everybody know the IT business require more and more and even more  time.

I was first time in my professional career speaking on a Conference.I had 2 sessions about Windows Driver Foundation and Driver development on Advanced Developer Conference 2008 in Mannheim for around 150 people. was an special feeling that i miss it for long time from university years. and were i meet amazing guys from the wave of MS technologies ( Dariusz Parys, Neno Loje, Dominik Baier,Bernd Marquardt)

In November I reached 10 years of full time experience in Software Area of the IT business.( still enough to go till retirement , and counting …. ) .

I and the Team , we get the Independent Software Vendor and OEM Hardware provider,  Competence in the Microsoft partnership with our products suite.

thanks’ all colleagues for good and bad days and keep working on maintain the quality that our customers are used with 🙂

From the technology point , I have migrate to Vista SP1 Beta, and Visual studio 2008 with all new features and advantages of the Native and Managed development environment.



I was playing with my young colleagues Team in regions Streetball tournament , and lucky we got the 5 place from 20 teams

  Were different events in the personal area –  I got 31 , yeah still amazed how hast the years are passing , but anyway – Think positive  i begin to plan the version 2.0 of our life experience .

   I run at 6km running contest and I’ve got from 560 people the place 150 with 30 minutes for the distance, can be better but without an good training it is acceptable.

   we had great time visiting Sicil( and Lazarote from relaxing point of view,

and last but not least i must thank to my wonderful wife for supporting me in all of these.


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