New SDK, new tools, news SP


The motto of this 2 weeks begin with "new" regarding the MS technologies for 2008 and OS also.

SO, we have the huge Launch Event and for the life of the real life coders , we have an RTM of windows SDK, .Net SDK.

What’s New:

The following is a small sampling of what’s in this SDK, with a more complete list available in the Getting Started section in the Windows SDK documentation.  I’ll be writing more about new features over the coming weeks.

· Supports development for .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista (including SP1), and Windows XP

· Supports building on and targeting all architecture platforms: x86, x64, and Itanium (check out the new Visual Studio 2008 C++ compilers, for IA64 that you can’t get anywhere else)

· Visual Studio 2008 C++ command line compiler toolset (with /analyze support) and matching CRT

· The SDK headers, libs, and tools integrate with VS2008 when both the SDK and VS2008 are installed.  (Check out the new SDK Configuraton tool that lets you switch between multiple versions of the Windows SDK and multiple versions of Visual Studio.  It’s cool.)

· New tools such as XPerf, SqlMetal, xsltc, gc, topoedit, aspnet_merge, and wsdcodegen

· Documentation and samples (2200+ sample projects) to explain usage of new Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 features, as well as previous platform features

Karin Maier from SDK team, post some info’s about it

Windows Performance Team has released Windows Performance Tools Kit to the Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5.

This is the same tool Windows team uses to diagnose Windows performance problem. Along with the tool comes with a 60-page Quick Start Guide. It offers significant details how the system works.

Having a performance problem lately? Fire up Xperf and look at the pretty chart.


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