KMDF, UMDF on vista sp1 and singularity-6709


beginning of the end, "Singularity", interesting name, but even more interesting what’s behind.

here is the Stuff : and not only it is open source on codeplex, quite interesting core internal stuff, but this time, not only Native, mostly Managed, while is a OS written in C#.

few days ago i got an email with some interesting content, at the begging i don’t link it with older issues using  Driver development framework on Vista sp1, using Auto Windows Update, but – Evrika !!!

"KMDF Users:  A patch from Windows Update (KB 938371) interferes with installation of the Kernel Mode Driver Framework on Windows Vista.   Testing of the fix is in progress.  Until then, we ask that you not release device drivers using KMDF version 1.7.  "

yeah, that is looks like , driver development Intellisense, with VS 2008, wow quite cool

and least but not last following text from Visual Studio ReadMe.txt, but for sure my opinion will not affect ,Microsoft’s policy on this issue.

DISCLAIMER: Visual Studio is not officially supported by Microsoft for driver development. The only currently supported build environment is the command window that comes with the WDK.

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