MS Fingerprint reader – Critical error


have seen all over during my research to figure this error out quite a lot of cases about it. I’m running an Vista x86 Sp1 up2date, i use the latest DigitalPersonal Password Manager 2.0 package from ms hardware download site.
I have even install and uninstall twice the software with same result on trying to start the fingerprint registration wizard, ("D:\Program Files\DigitalPersona\Bin\DPConsol.exe" -W) – I’ve got the message "Error Catastrophic Failure- Suspect Installation problem".
i have tried also to add all applications from Bin – directory to Vista DEP exception list, without any result, but all the applications started manualy works, including the DPConsol.exe, when i start it without -W parameter it is ok, shows the status of the DPAgent.
I have run it on XP SP3 and there it works, Seems that is an error in the wizard on getting the username or credentials for first screen.
Rest is ok, it shows on logon screen, but i have no fingers registred so, i can not use it.
Please let me know if this issues was fixed or figured out in an diffrent kind of way.
ps. is an 10 min, job for an exp. developer to get this done, as i figured out with ProcessExporer the error is somewhere in DPCtlCtr.dll, maybe it’s session 0 issolation from getting info’s from DPHost.exe that it is running, or so other issue.



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