Hyper-V Server, tools and news

Yeah, one more step close to VMWARE, hyper-v server is for free


I post  for some months that some microsofties create and migration tool from Virtual Machines config to hyper-v server, now the dream became true

and more info on http://blogs.technet.com/matthts/default.aspx

You can find both the x86 and x64 files here.


· Import of VMC files of both VS2005 and VPC2007

· Creation of VM on local Hyper-V host

Creation of VM on remote Hyper-V host

· Validation of virtual disk and ISO files in local scenario

· Editing of virtual drive image paths (vhd, vfd, iso)

· Swapping of the first SCSI disk with the first IDE disk

· Specification of static MAC addresses

· Specification of either legacy (emulated) or enhanced network adapter

· Specification of # of virtual processors and resource control

· Specification of management settings

· Specification of COM ports

· Specification of device boot order

· Specification of alternate Virtual Machine path

· Built-in help in CHM file

· Support for both x86 and x64 Vista and Server 2008


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