Team Foundation Server 2010 beta 2 – soon “go live”


Get ready to “go live” with Team Foundation Server 2010 beta 2!

Beta 2 of Team Foundation Server 2010 is going to be available very soon

But the best news is that beta 2 of Team Foundation Server 2010 will have a “go live” license, meaning that you can use it for your day-to-day application building (unlike beta 1 which was limited to just evaluation, tire kicking, learning the new features, etc.). There will also be some (limited) support available to help you adopt beta 2. MS is ramping up  product support teams now to take advantage of this option. More details later on what “go live” means exactly and how we’ll be helping your organization take advantage of it…

But in preparation for beta 2, there are some things that can be doing now in order to take advantage of the release as soon as it’s available for download. The Team Foundation Server product team has put together some great guidance which can give you a checklist of things to do as you prepare to take advantage of beta 2. This guidance is available as an overview in a PowerPoint deck, or in greater detail in the Word document. I’ve uploaded both of them for you to check out.

These documents are somewhat rough but they should give you a good framework with which to begin having discussions within your organization about adopting Team Foundation Server 2010 beta 2.

Announcing TFS Basic!

If you are a SourceSafe user you know VSS is an easy to install and easy to use source control system.  TFS gives you a much more powerful system including not only source control but also work item tracking and build support.  Today was announced the new Basic configuration for TFS coming your way with Beta 2 of VS2010.  Brian Harry has a great post introducing the new configuration and going over some history and design goals.  My favorite features:

  • You can use SQL Server Express as the database
  • The install runs in about 20 minutes and configures everything for you automatically
  • It can run on your client machine

I’ve been using it to build out several new tutorials I’m queuing up for Beta 2.  It’s awesome!  Stay tuned for Beta 2 and make sure to give it a try…

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