Zune phone is almost here


References to the much speculated Zune Phone were found in the Zune software update recently. Now, that Microsoft will share details about Zune phones at the Mobile World Congress 2010 later this month. From the scanty details which are available, we know that the phone isn’t a "Zune" phone but a Windows Mobile 7 running handset with Zune capabilities.
Zune phone rumors have been buzzing the web ever since Zune HD came out last year. Also, images of the Microsoft Zune phone, dubbed as Project Pink, leaked out over the web – honestly, we still don’t believe those images are real. Two models, codenamed Turtle and Pure, are speculated to be the much-talked-about Zune phones. Cortijo stated that "the Zune phone presentation at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2010 is 100 percent confirmed".
The noteworthy part about these Zune phones is that they would be running Windows Mobile 7 operating system. So primarily, those may be first Windows Mobile 7 devices with full blown Zune compatibility. Last year in October, Jose Pinoro, director of communications for Microsoft’s TV, Video and Music business, had confirmed, "Zune’s next step would be to target mobile phones."

What really would be worth checking is whether Microsoft will keep Zune integration in Windows Mobile only exclusive to Windows Mobile 7 or pass it on to all other Windows Mobile smartphones.


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