New TFS ALM Project – TFS Iteration Automation and Branching Guidance 2010 v2


Willy-P. Schaub posted some days ago an new Project for TFS Users & Admins, will bring value to daily use of  TFS in teams, check out the details .

Branching Guidance 2010 v2 –

We don’t anticipate any major rewriting of this successful guidance but some ideas to add best practice guidance for more complex scenarios:

  • Feature team development
  • Parallel development support for multiple versions
  • Approaches for Sharing Common Code (shared source, shared binaries, etc.)
  • How to improve and support development activities in other ALM areas like DB dev and architecture with branching techniques

As the guidance matures, we also want to improve the guidance around process and branching strategy best practices.

We also want to review all of the current guidance to ensure it is internally consistent and reflects the current thinking of the Rangers team.

We are actively seeking additional ideas for improving and extending the guidance. Please forward any ideas you may have along to the team.

As usual and in compliance with Ranger quality standards, the package will include white paper, deck, hands-on labs, custom VM, and a pair of TechReady13 session and HOL.

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