TFS 11 improvements for development productivity (Merge enhancements & Version Control Model )


After meeting Brian Harry in München @ALMDays , we have talked about changes in TFS11 in the day by day work for developers, check some news here  about Version Control Model Enhancements 


and about  Merge enhancements in TFS 11

A new diff/merge experience – The one has been shipping for the past 5 years is the original SourceSafe diff/merge tools – built while we were One Tree Software circa 1994.  It had been enhanced over the years to support globalization, Unicode, etc but it was, in essence, the same diff tool.  Well not any more, it’s gone!  Now it is a new diff/merge experience based on the VS editor.  And before you say “but wait, I really love kdiff!”, don’t worry – it’s still configurable and you can use any tool you like but the out of the box one is now WAY better.  How is it better you say?

  • It supports both “inline” and “side by side” modes and you can choose the one you like best.
  • It has syntax highlighting (as supported in the VS editor).
  • Individual changes within a line are highlighted.
  • When both diffing and merging, you can edit with the full power of the VS editor, including undo, Intellisense and everything!
  • Diff has a nice “mini-map”.
  • You can now take more actions from the views (like history, etc).
  • Diff uses the new provisional tab feature in VS to avoid cluttering your document well.
  • An improved way of manually selecting merge resolutions.
  • An interactive way of turning on/off ignoring whitespace.

Here are some screen shots to demonstrate.  You can observe many of the points I made above:

Side by side diff view in the provisional tab (all the way to the right) with a change highlighting gutter on the left, in line change highlighting, VS style class/method navigation, syntax coloring and more.  Yes the text with the file names above the source looks dumb – that’s a bug.


Same diff using inline mode:


And here are some screenshots of the merge experience.  I’ve included all three of the views you can choose from:



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