Microsoft Internal Usage of TFS 6 last 6 Months


The following analysis includes the IT internal offering for TFS and includes trends throughout the second half of 2012 (July – December 2012).  Overall, we are continuing to have consistent growth in BGIT servers.  The number of users has stayed consistent with some slight variation.  The number of builds has a very big range, mostly due to a single instance that ranges from 10’s of builds to millions of builds a month.  There have also been efforts to clean up old projects and source files which account for some reduction in numbers.

You can see the data from the first half of 2012 here.


* There is a big range of builds per month due to a single server with 10’s of builds to millions of builds, depending on the month

Top TFS Instances

The charts below show the top 10 IT-supported instances in several categories

“Unique Users” are the number of users that have accessed the instance in the month.  This includes any TFS operation such as reading reports with data from TFS, using TFS Web Access to view or edit work items, or viewing or checking in source code.  The sum of Unique Users for all instances is greater than the Total Unique Users in the top table and in the details table at the end of this mail.  This is because some users access more than one instance.

TFS Growth

This demonstrates the growth throughout the first half of 2012 for the full internal offering.

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