New TFS Administration Tools for VS2012 and VS2010


TFS Branch Tool goes “Community”


Mattias Sköld has released the TFS Community Branch Tool Visual Studio Extension, based on the ALM Rangers Quick Response Sample ALM Rangers Branch Tool Visual Studio extension.


The goal of this solution is to enable TFS users to implement a consistent branching model as part of team project or team creation process, that complies with the VS TFS Branching and Merging Guide.

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TFS Administrators Toolkit for VS2012

Features and benefits

  • Update Project Porals New!
    Push new SharePoint project portals from a template to selected team project. 
  • Find In Files  Updated!
    Search for text or regexp in files (and all file versions) in source control.
    Source control explorer integration, right click in source control and search any subfolder
    For more info please refer to
  • Update reports
    Push new reports from a template to selected team project.
  • Subscriptions
    List and filter existing subscriptions – server wide, Unsubscribe
    existing subscriptions.
  • Update Work Item Types
    Push work item type definitions to multiple team projects
  • Source control folder size
    Get a feeling for team projects size in source control
  • Search for large files in source control
    Search on size for Source control items

Getting started
Navigate to the home tab of Team Explorer , drop down the menu and you will find TFS Administrators Toolkit menu with the different tools.

Be careful
This set of tools makes it easier to affect a lot of team projects very quick. Be aware of what you’re doing.

Revision history

1.200  Improved Test Attatchment cleaner (Expanding sections, 2012 version)           Right click menu Find In Files in source control explorer
          Bugfixes in Find In Files
          Added Batch updates of project portals
          Added logging for Update reports

1.100  Find In Files search in the content of files in source control.
          Subscriptions, List and unsubscribe subscriptions
          Updates to Test Attachments Sizes

1.000  First VS 2012 version

The tool for synchronizing / uploading Work item types between projects.

The tool for synkronising / uploading reports from a proces template to selected projects.

The tool for calculating folder sizes.


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