TFS 2012 Upgrade Guide updated and next version is on the way

We have just refreshed the v2.1 version of the Team Foundation Server Upgrade Guide which includes minor formatting changes and a fix for the following:

  • Issue: The Migration Based Upgrade section provides instructions for having both the new and the old installed servers running at the same time. For that scenario, you’d also need to change the server ID as described in the cloning section. Otherwise, you would have two servers with the same server ID, and that will confuse the clients (VS, tf.exe).
  • Resolution: When the upgrade is complete, we will now have two instances of Team Foundation Server, one of Team Foundation Server 2010 and another the Team Foundation 2012. You can now decommission the Team Foundation Server 2010 installation. If you wish to continue running both the environments you will have to run theTfsConfig ChangeServerID command on new upgrade farm.

What’s coming?

The team has also started working on the next version of the Upgrade Guide, targeting TFS 2013.

The core features of the next release include:

  • The TFS admin, I would like guidance with step-by-step Instruction on how to upgrade my existing Team Foundation Server environment
  • The admin, I would like to know the supported environments for TFS 2013
  • The admin, I would like to understand what’s new in Team Foundation Server Upgrade Process
  • The TFS admin, I would like to understand the supported Upgrade paths

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