Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 – TFS changes

Like Brian Harry announced it is already an CTP of update 2 with following Changes for TFS

Agile Planning

    Team Foundation Server

    • The portfolio backlogs have performance improvements during web access navigation.
    • You can query on tags in Visual Studio and through web access.
    • You can apply tags to work items in Visual Studio.
    • You can apply permissions for who can add new tags.
    • REST API is available for work item tracking tagging.
    • You can edit tags in the Excel add-in for Team Foundation Server.
    • You can configure non-working days, and these are excluded from burndown charts.
    • Cumulative Flow Diagram start dates are configurable.
    • Lightweight charts can be pinned to project or team homepages.
    • You can customize the colors in lightweight charts.
    • The look and feel of the project and team homepage is updated.

Testing Tools

  • This update provides to testers and test leads the ability to export test artifacts so that these can be sent by using email or as printouts and shared with stakeholders who do not have access to TFS.

Release Management

  • The tags are designed to perform the same operation across the servers. If there are server specific actions, the user can always add the specific server and the corresponding actions at that level in the deployment sequence.
  • To configure a group of server by using same tag implies that you can set values for the whole group and all the servers in the group therefore share common values for all variables.
  • You can easily deploy to identical or clustered servers without having to repeat the deployment sequence on each server.
  • You can Copy Tags across stages and across Templates. You can retain the same deployment sequence with all the tags and servers when copied to other stages or Release templates under the same environment.

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