User Stories – the most misused tool in the Software Development Universe

Control Your Chaos

User stories may be by far the most abused and misused XP practice ever conceived. First, look at the name. It’s a USER story. So you need an actual live human being to even meet the naming criteria.

heartbeatAs a <certain type of user>

I want/need <some functionality>

So that <business reason>

The Green Part:

This is a description of a certain user. Be as specific as you can be. Ideally there will be the first and last name of an actual user of the functionality. If you write “As a user I want …” this doesn’t really count as a user story.

The Red Part:

This is the part where you actually write the functionality you think will work in this case. Easy-peasy.

The Blue Part:

This is the hardest part. You actually need to know why does your user need that piece of functionality. Heavens, you will have…

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