Microsoft Developer Division is Extending :) – With Xamarin

Why Xamarin

Xamarin it is the Manufacturer of tools for cross-platform development based on C#. In the company, there are also the developers, the Mono and Moonlight had developed as an open-source alternative to .NET and Silverlight.

The Californian company Xamarin provides a app-development environment based on the C # programming language and .NET classes. In addition to iOS, OS X, Android and Windows Xamarin supports now also TVOS, WatchOS and Playstation. Basis for Xamarin products is Mono , an open source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET Framework, which have existed since 2,001th

Come together what belongs together?

Mono is a different implementation because Microsoft then the source code of .NET is not declared as “open source”, but as “Shared Source”, the “Just look, do not touch” after the motto further use of the source code is not allowed. The Mono Project has in complex work the .NET runtime environment, the C # compiler and a large part of the .NET class library rebuilt and endeavored thus to remain compatible with Microsoft’s model.


Now is true – Microsoft has Xamarin, a manufacturer of tools for cross-platform development, adopted

Why two implementations!

.NET Developers can now hope that the two platforms together grow closer. While many base classes are uniform, there has been no sophisticated user interface technology that can run on all platforms. With Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) , Windows runtime XAML and Xamarin Forms instead there are three dialects of markup language extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) , but which are not entirely compatible. Xamarin Forms running at least iOS and Android as well as Windows 10 Universal apps, still lies in the development far behind other XAML dialects.

Also appears in times when Microsoft .NET Framework as .NET Core itself open source and platform-neutral development, the continuation of Mono as competition for .NET Core no longer meaningful.

Read more details about the acquisition on Scott Gu’s blog:


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