few words about me

General speaking I am an IT Geek & Software Architect and Scrum Master specialized in enterprise approaches platform development, Team Management and Agile processes. After that i use the amount of  free time to enjoy my hobbies : advanced mathematics, basketball, ancient science, technology and traveling with my family.

For community i am Conference Speaker, Team Manager , Microsoft Team Foundation Server – Community Evangelist (MSDN reference), and technical Article writer

I have an Extensive background in full life-cycle of software development process including requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, debugging, deployment and maintenance. Proven track record of designing and implementing flexible Enterprise solutions and wide range of applications (i.e., commercial web applications, n-tiered distributed applications, scientific applications running on different machines, ground and air-based communications systems, database applications, and high-tolerance Client/Server applications).  Effective leader who thrives on new challenges and has consistently built and motivated elite cross-functional and cross-cultural teams. Blends creative intuition with highly developed analytical skills. Fluent reading and writing in English, German.

With over 15 years in Development and Software Engineering, I have gained critical in-depth expertise directing the planning, architecture, implementation and administration of Enterprise Software Solutions and multi-location environments. I am a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer ,Technology Specialist and MVP for C++ and .NET, and my diverse experience includes full life cycle technical project management, backup and recovery planning/execution, infrastructure engineering, Driver development and administration, and enterprise application deployment.  Strong background in algorithms and object-oriented cross-platform development. Fast and avid technology learner.

Expertise includes:

▪ Cloud Computing, Internet of Things ▪ Scrum , Application Architecture and Design
▪ Driver Development ,User and Kernel mode ▪ Security Application Development and Audit
▪ Multi-Threaded Applications Programming ▪ Distributed Client Server Systems
▪ Messaging and Networking Development ▪ Database Architecture and Development
▪ Enterprise Software Architecture (SOA ,SAAS) ▪ Agile and Multi-Platform development
▪ Object Oriented Development Patterns ▪ High Scale Telecommunication Applications
▪ Win32 API and the .NET technologies ▪ STL, ATL, COM, networking and protocols
▪ .NET Framework Enterprise Application ▪ C#, SharePoint Development, Multi Tiers App.
▪ Private Cloud, Virtualization, Hybrid Applications ▪ Proof of Concepts, IT Outsourcing
 Application Life Cycle Management -SDL  Industry 4.0

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