Year 2012 – Iteration Complete – RTM

It’s holiday  time, so I’ve got some time to make some personal review of 2012.

First of all, I reach all my personal targets that were set for this year, special thank you to my Wife almost for 15 years now, and to my inspiration David that reach his 4 Birthday , for supporting me all the time , even were also hard times.

Targets for  2013 –

First of All – Mens sana in corpore sano – need to spread 6kg

Second – Happiness with family


Innovation – More Cloud, More Native and give live to some ideas that will bring some of the new trends together in some – sure  Apps Smile


Hardware – Yes is time to change, in 2013 will be may be year of Kinect 2 with gasses , and Tablet and and multi-touch All in one that our Digital Home will have some fun.

News – yea , I am Microsoft ALM ranger again –

TFS and VS studio same as parallel computing makes fun.

I whish you dear reader, an Happy Holiday, traditional Mary Christmas and and Happy Healthy 2013.


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